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You asked, we listened - Here’s what’s coming in the first half of 2022!

Thank you to our Edlio school website clients and prospects for your feedback. Here are the top features coming to our platform in the first part of 2022. From school newsletters to an app for school, we know you'll be excited.

Being agile is one of Edlio’s core company values. We continue to develop our digital platform to make it easier to use, with more robust features, and we love and encourage our clients' feedback. These are just a few of the developments coming in the first part of 2022. 


Branded Mobile App for your school

This is a great option to add to your Edlio portfolio! A branded app just for your school, highlighting school pride, is free to download, and another great tool to engage families. Not everyone can receive notifications in the form of text, voice, or even email. A Branded app now reaches everyone in your school community, includes unlimited push notifications, and everything translates in 60 different languages as well!

auto notices

Auto Notices

No more running home to delete the message from school about being late to class on your family's answering machine. Students have it much harder today. Our CMS is simple, easy, intuitive, and coming soon, automatic. This feature will be included in all Edlio Broadcast packages. Auto Notices can be generated by CSV import. The Auto Notice sends a message using the CSV file at the scheduled time. This way your school will be able to alert families for attendance, for example, over text, voice, or email. 

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Linking It All Together

Links are so important to help direct families to important pages, forms, and other important calls to action on your school website. This quarter we will be rolling out the option to display links as buttons, to help them stand out on the page. We are also including an option to display link topics within your pages. Topics are reusable groups of links that can exist in a bundle on every desired page. For example, a charter school might want to include the following links on every admissions page:

  • Apply now 
  • Sign up to take a tour
  • Donate here

Creating link topics will save you time over inserting the links individually, make those calls to action more manageable from a school side, and more visible to your community.


Oops I Deleted Again

It’s the worst feeling to delete something and not be able to get it back, especially when you’ve worked so hard to collect the data! We’ve added another feature to our incredibly robust forms, where deleted forms and form responses can be restored. No worries, it’s available now! 


Extra Extra, Read All about It…Any Way You Want It!

We hope you've already taken advantage of the unlimited email feature for your school newsletters. Now, we're adding another opportunity for you to connect with families who may not be on your email list: PDF newsletters. In addition to sending your newsletter by email, you can download the newsletter as a PDF and share it on your website and social media channels. This way, parents who aren't on the email list still have an opportunity to stay connected through the channels of communication they are comfortable with!


User Management

User management features are hidden from your website visitors, but they’re an essential tool in reducing bottlenecks when updating your website. We will be creating quick-access actions on the user list view for admins to take advantage of. The UI will be more user friendly than ever—easier is always better!

This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come in the first part of 2022. Of course, there are other behind-the-scenes features we are always working on, such as moving to an even faster CDN (content delivery network) to announce your school’s message to your families in a matter of milliseconds. Thank you for your ideas and feedback—please continue to always share with us.


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