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20 Private School Fundraising Ideas

Looking to put the FUN in fundraising? Here are 20 private school fundraising ideas for you to try today!

Fundraising is an ongoing event in most schools today, but that means it can be difficult to come up with new and creative ways to ask people for money. That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 different private school fundraising ideas to get you inspired and to help you raise money for your school!

School Spirit

Icon 1-1 Sell spirit wear in your school store

Icon 2 Make special items for specific sports teams (think foam footballs)

Icon 3 Include items for family members (“Proud Central Academy Dad”)

Icon 4 Sell bricks of the building—for a specific donation, put someone’s name on the brick


Alumni Competition

Icon 5 Get your graduating classes to compete to donate to a specific event or fundraiser

Icon 6 Collect annual donation amounts from graduates and shout out the winning classes on social media

Icon 7 Hang a plaque inside the school and the graduating class with the biggest contribution gets their name added to it each year


Special Events

Icon 8 Organize a 5K race on the school grounds and charge a fee for participants

9. icon yellow Host a family fun night or carnival style event. Sell admission, rides, & concessions


Get the Community Involved in Your Private School Fundraising Ideas

10. icon orange Ask your local shop to sell a school-themed product (Cougar Pride soap! Central Academy candles!) and donate a portion of the sales back to the school

11. icon pink Get a local restaurant to donate a portion of all sales to the school if diners mention the school & turn in their receipt.

12. icon lt green Host a fundraiser event out in the community, like a car wash or bake sale

13. icon coral Solicit business & community partners for ongoing sponsorships and long-term partnerships 


All About Athletics

14. icon robin egg Sell season tickets to one sport or an all-sports pass to students, families, & community members

15. icon melon Get local businesses to sponsor a single game to hear their name on the announcements at half-time

16. icon teal For a fee, local businesses can hang their banner on the athletic field or inside the gym


Don't Forget the Students!

17. icon tangerine Let them get out of their uniform for a day—for a fee

18. icon emerald Along those same lines, let them wear hats if they pay $5 on a Friday

19 icon yellow Get local pizza delivered once a week and charge by the slice

20. icon lemonade Let them sign up to “pie the principal” at a special school assembly

Which of these private school fundraiser ideas will you try this year? If you’d like even MORE inspiration, download our FREE Guide to School Fundraising:

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