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3 Ways to Create a Positive Online Image for Your School

Discover the power of showcasing school successes online. Learn how to create a positive image and attract the right talent through your school's website and social media profiles.

Imagine your school’s website and social media profiles as your own PR team working 24/7. It’s not just about having a place on the internet; it’s about ensuring that space is filled with positive messages. The image you've built with these accounts acts as the front page of your school story, and you want that story to be full of achievements, happy moments, and positivity. First impressions matter, so what is your internet presence saying? 

Take a moment to Google your school and scan your school website. As you’re going through, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do the stories you see here paint your school in a positive light? 
  • Is it easy to find kudos, achievements, and positive stats about your school/district, staff, and/or students?
  • Thinking cumulatively about your online spaces, what story is the Internet telling about your school or district?

Establishing a compelling online narrative is important to showcase the vibrant and dynamic environment that sets your school apart. It can leave a lasting impression, attract the right talent, and promote a sense of pride in your community. Below, we’ll explore effective ways to ensure your school's digital representation aligns with your vision and achieves these goals.

Share Your "Good News" in a Specific Category on Your Website

Create a dedicated section on your website for success stories. Keeping all your accomplishments in one place allows visitors to see what makes your school stand out quickly. Regularly update this section to keep the content fresh and engaging. Highlight this section on your website’s homepage or navigation bar so the positive impact you're making is one of the first things visitors see.

Achievements can include:

  • Academic achievements
  • Community involvements
  • Sports/club victories
  • Positive stories in the press
  • Staff achievements/awards
  • Positive trending stats about your school

Showcase Your Wins on Social Media

More and more people are turning to social media platforms like Facebook, X (previously Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube over a search engine for information. Research shows that 31% of consumers use social media to find answers to their questions. Leverage the platforms you’re already on to amplify your wins through compelling images, videos, and testimonials. Through social media, you can engage your community by encouraging them to join the celebration of each success story and share their own experiences. 

Create a Positive Hashtag

Craft a positive and unique hashtag to create a sense of identity around your success stories. Use this hashtag consistently across social media platforms and your website to allow your community to easily follow and contribute to the conversation. To make up your hashtag, incorporate your school name, mascot, or abbreviation along with words like “Proud”, “Excellence”, or “We Are”. If your school has a short motto, that’s also an option to turn into a hashtag.

Showcasing school successes online not only helps counter any negative stories that may be out there but actively shapes the narrative to highlight the positive impact your school or district is making. This attracts the right talent and fosters a sense of pride within the community.



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