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Simplify Your School Supply Lists Early

There’s a way to make your school supply list process easy for teachers, administrators, AND parents with Edlio and TeacherLists!

How many phone calls do you field in your school office about school supply lists each year? Parents want to shop early and take advantage of sales and savings throughout the summer, so it’s a good idea to sort out your school supply lists before you close out the school year. At Edlio, we know that this can sometimes be a daunting task, so we've partnered with TeacherLists to make this process easier for everyone involved!


Why should you make your supply lists early?

Giving out school supply lists for next fall before students leave for summer benefits everyone involved:

  • Teachers can check one item off next year’s To Do list and not have to worry about supply lists over the summer.
  • If any new teachers come into your building over summer, you don’t have to ask them to scramble to make a supply list before classes start.
  • For administrators and school secretaries, this will reduce the number of phone calls they get over the summer asking for lists before they hit the stores.
  • Families can take the whole summer to shop for school supply bargains without having to make one big purchase right before school.

Why should you make your school supply lists digital?

When was the last time you thought to yourself, “I’d really prefer to fight through a crowded aisle at a busy store, so I’m not going to shop online for a basic household item.” Probably never.. The same is true for your students and their families—online shopping is not only easier, but it’s the preferred option for the majority of American adults. You can tap into these preferences by offering digital supply lists for your school community.

With Edlio’s built-in supply list module (made possible through our partnership with TeacherLists), you can actually add a full supply list to your school website along with the option for families to “add to cart” for major retailers, so they can complete the entire school supply purchase within just a few minutes. That’s certainly better than waiting in long lines at retail stores! 

Supply List example

As an added benefit, using our module, families can “add to cart” for all of the major retailers and compare prices - to save the most money on their child’s school supplies.

Creative Ways to Use Digital Supply Lists

Digital supply lists also offer you an opportunity to create lists beyond the basic grade-level options. Consider adding some of these supply lists to your website so families and community members can get involved in supporting your school:

  • School Nurse List - small snacks, peppermints, tissues & more that the school nurse can use all year
  • Library List - fun bookmarks, incentive prizes for reading contests, and more
  • Gym Class List - new sporting equipment, fun games & prizes
  • Art List - extra paper, new paint brushes, take-home art kits and projects
  • Music Class List - interesting instruments, sheet music, and more
  • Guidance Counselor List - coloring books, art therapy supplies, books with journaling prompts or meditation exercises
  • Classroom First Aid List - bandages, thermometers, and hygiene supplies that teachers can stock in their classrooms for when students need them
  • “Adopt a Student” - invite donors to purchase the supplies for any student in any grade and then you’ll have extras on hand for students who come to school without supplies
  • “Just in Case Cabinet” List - items like individual snacks, canned goods to take home on weekends, extra clothing items for students who need to change mid-day or who come to school out of dress code, extra shoes for students in need, and even small items like socks or toothbrushes
  • Teacher Treats List - items to spoil your teachers throughout the year like coffee gift cards or k-cups, candy, fun pens and notebooks, even extra classroom supplies like dry erase markers or staplers

Essentially, a digital supply list page on your school website empowers you to think outside the box on your school supplies and find creative ways for parents and community members to contribute to the school. With the option to add to cart and ship straight to the school, it’s easier than ever to solicit donations for all types of supplies!

Interested in a school website platform that has built-in tools designed for K-12?

The Edlio CMS offers:

  • Supply List feature with “add to cart” options for major retailers
  • Teacher & Class pages that integrate with Google Classroom
  • Built-in Forms templates for attendance, bully reporting, PTA registration, summer school, and more
  • Integrations with Google, Microsoft, and SIS providers
Fill out the form below and one of our experts will contact you to set up a demo where you can see these features in action for yourself:


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