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Your app for school communication and other product updates for 2022

Creating technology so communication between school and parents is easier, clearer, and more intuitive is a main priority for Edlio. Here's what's rolling out for the rest of 2022!

Although it is the beginning of the year for schools, at Edlio it’s the second half of our year and time for a quick update of what to expect in product launches for the rest of 2022. Included are updates from our family app for school communication, CMS school website platform, mass notifications, and our online payments software. With each update, we have taken existing and prospective client feedback and created a more robust feature set to benefit schools and how they communicate with their families and communities.

App Updates: Edlio Access

Feature: Communication between schools and parents—that translates! 

Why this matters: Family engagement means families can engage with what’s happening at school. Two-way communication between schools and parents allows parents to ask questions, submit concerns and fully be involved in the school conversation in their chosen language. Examples: A teacher sends a message home in English to a family, the family responds in Spanish, and the teacher receives that message from the family back in English. Everyone understands!

Feature: Full-story news integration

Why this matters: Now, instead of a preview to the news story and a link saying “read more,” taking users back to the website, the full news story will appear in the News section of the Edlio Access app. This includes images, embeds, videos, and text. Because Access App users can choose their own language, the entire news story will be translated for them. Go digital equity! 

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Feature: Smart banners on mobile browsers 

Why this matters: Although Edlio websites are completely mobile responsive, an app for school communication is another way to reach your families and send unlimited push notifications. For schools that have the Edlio Access App, when families access the website on a mobile device, a banner will prompt them to download the app. The more downloads of your school app, the more options your school has to connect—in the languages that your families have chosen. 

Screenshot showing embedded Google Calendar doesn’t translate, when the rest of the page is translated into Spanish. (7)

Website Updates: Edlio CMS

Feature: Homepage pop-up alert images

Why this matters: Catch the attention of school website visitors with a dynamic homepage pop-up alert. Now, you can also include a photo to help maximize engagement. Choose button and font colors based on your school’s site design. Psst! Current clients—reach out to your Client Success Specialist to have us update your button colors if they don’t match your site design. Also, schools can edit the button that used to say “Read more” and create their own unique call-to-action for families and their school community. Need some ideas? Try these: Donate now! Apply here! Join us Wednesday!

Screenshot of website homepage with _Summer School Info_ link-2

Feature: Social Media Manager, now with Instagram

Why this matters: Just like Twitter and Facebook, schools will be able to connect as many accounts as they like to schedule posts. If there are families who only get their school information from Instagram, now you can easily reach them by posting on Instagram as well! 

Communication Updates: Edlio Broadcast

Feature: Push notifications & social media all in one place

Why this matters: All of your communication will be in one place. Your options to C.O.P.E. (create once, push everywhere) will be accessed from the Broadcast feature, making all of your outside-of-the-website communication in one place. There’s no impact for families with this feature, but for schools it makes for an easier workflow. App push notifications, social media accounts, and voice, text, and email can be found in your Edlio dashboard under Broadcast—communicate across all channels with full visibility and reporting in one place!

Feature: (Already live!) Auto Notices contact lists

Why this matters: Your school’s SIS doesn’t have to be connected to your communication to send out Auto Notices. Connect your custom contact lists and now send auto notices that way as well! Schools can create a recurring broadcast with their custom contact lists to remind parents of—virtually anything! This is great for smaller schools, as well as schools with many clubs and groups that the SIS may not have data for. Remind your after school care group of families that Wednesday everyone needs to be picked up by five pm instead of six, or remind your Korean club members an hour before each meeting where to meet and that there are always free snacks! 

Payment Updates: OSP

Feature: Pay Now!

Why this matters: Easily remind families when a school payment is due with an invoice notification email reminder. Include a custom link in the email for them to access the item and pay right away—with just a few clicks. No login required! Pay in your car, in line at the grocery store, or wherever the email finds you.

Our hope is that along with these updates comes an easier workflow, one less step to complete in administrative communication, and a continuation in our promise to deliver easy-to-use intuitive technology to schools. As always please submit any product feedback to your Client Success Specialists or reach out to us here. 



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